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Doll House Technology Takes 3D Tours to another level

Saturday, July 6, 2019

At Belong, we always want to stay ahead.  Be it with our personal approach to handling the stresses and strains of property marketing or the way we present our clients homes.  

Immoviewer, our 3D Virtual Reality Tour suppliers have taken the technology to a new level with Dollhouse.  Its a unique and inspiring way of looking into a property and understanding the layout befor you view.

Follow this link to view the Immoviewer YouTube explainer video:  https://youtu.be/A3iJGFgOcEU

You are sure to be impressed with the interactivity and unique manner that allows one to pre-view a property in order to ensure that valuable viewing time is not wasted.

Reducing the number of wasted viewings and increasing the quality of viewings is our ambition.

People's time is precious, and this revolutionary tech allows everyone to save time and get on with their lives.

To book a free valuation with Belong simply call us on 01484 444567; we will be delighted to show you more about Dollhouse tech.