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Outstanding property photographs sell houses - are yours up to scratch?

Monday, January 15, 2018

30 years ago estate agency was a simple affair.  A valuer would attend a property, having been chosen from only a handful of local agents who usually had long standing reputations of professionalism.

They would use their vast experience of local transactions to assess the value of a property and if the client agreed, they would usually be instructed.

The placing of a property on the market would involve writing a brief decription with imperial measurements of each room; and then one, often black and white photograph would be taken and photocopied onto the sales particulars.

Internal presentation, vivid colour photographs and that mad tidy up did not matter in the slightest.  A quick push around with the hoover was all that was required before the viewers came along.

All of that has changed.  Nowadays, the brochure is becoming the thing of the past. 

Reading a two thousand word brochure that sates the obvious will not sell a house.  When was the last time somebody viewed a house because the dining room had a "window to front and radiator"?

At Belong we use high quality images every time.  Using the latest cameras with high resolution lenses, including Virtual Reality technology that helps us to create an immersive 3D tour of any house which allows a potential buyer to take a proper look around, prior to a personal viewing.

What this means for the seller, is that they have to have a good tidy up and clean round prior to the images being taken.  Viewers don't want to see the sellers clothes lying around, coffee cups on worktops or half made beds.

If the photos are not as good as they can be, buyers will judge the house less favourably and are less likley to view.

If you need any help on how to stage your home for some outstanding photos, then please get in touch.  Our advice on what works and what doesn't could be the difference in selling your house and not.