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Prominent On-Line Estate Agents to close

Monday, September 24, 2018

Hatched; owned by Connels group, one of the largest chains of High Street Estate Agents in the UK has declared that on-line agecy is a flawed concept, not delivering what the consumer really needs or wants.  

On-line only agencies rely very heavily on the success of their marketing campaigns in order to attract new clients, usually at low up-front fee levels; and for these low fees are unable to deliver the high level of customer service that some clients expect. 

In are more challenging market, capable estate agents help clients to build chains, keep chains together and use their experience to overcome the hurdles that present themselves after an offer has been accepted.

Listing a house on Rightmove is the easy bit.  Persuading somebody to stick with a transaction when the sale stalls, or when personalities collide, is a big part of what experienced estate agents do. 

This has been recognised by the owners of Hatched, who have called time on the model. 

Not that one needs a high street office to deliver great service; but it has been proved beyond doubt that this higher level of expected service cannot be delivered for a few hundred pounds.

Capable realtors can deliver great service from home, from serviced offices and from the high street.  They need the right training, the right ethical approach, and an excellent marketing platform to deliver great service.  A high street office will indeed help an agent to attract walk-in clients, but in today's day and age these are fewer than in days gone by.

The costs associated with running a successful, attentive agency business are considerable, and cannot be met by low up-front fees.  Good value is however, essential.  

This can be delivered in all manner of ways; and smaller more attentive agencies are better placed to do this. They are not burdoned by enormous central overheads with large IT and Accounts departments.

By investing in the latest technology, smaller realtor style firms are able to save time which allows them more time to concentrate on servicing their clients.

At Belong, we offer the best of all worlds.  Outstanding property presentation, excellent multi-portal marketing, extensive local knowledge, and lots of experience in dealing with the difficult aspects of selling houses.  

If you are looking for an agent to look after you on a personal professional level; please feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs.