The importance of a good solicitor when selling

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Solicitors and conveyancers are an integral part of the moving process.  We all need them, we all use them, and yet we all tend to complain about them when things go wrong.

The truth is, a very good solicitor can keep a transaction together when a poor solicitor will allow it to fail.

Issuing contracts and documents promptly and responding to enquiries from the opposing solicitor quickly can be the difference in a sale completing and not.

Poor service in this sector is usually down to low fees and a lack of resources. 

It is very true that you get what you pay for when choosing a solicitor to act for you in your conveyancing matter.  That's why at Belong, we only use recognised experienced local law firms with Partner led conveyancing departments.

We don't use cheap factory conveyancers, and we don't take a commission from our panel of solicitors.  This is important, because not only does it allow the solicitor to earn the full fee that you have been quoted; it means that they will put our clients' transcations to the top of their pile of work. 

This in turn helps us, with their assistance, to get transactions from sale agreed to completion more smoothly and more quickly.

We are happy to recommend:

Eaton Smith Solicitors

Schofield Sweeney Solicitors

Ridley and Hall Solicitors

To obtain a quote on your sale or purchase; please just contact our office.