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Virtual Reality Viewings - a gimmick or a time saver?

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Estate Agents are always looking for ways to stay ahead of the competition.  I remember working for the first estate agency in Huddersfield & Holmfirth  that started to use internal photography as standard.

These days if there aren't more than ten internal images the agent is doing their job correctly right?   Wrong!

They must do much more than this to satisfy their vendor clients, who now want internal images, floorplans, maps, information on schools, Google streetview and much more.

Estate Agency brochures are becoming a thing of the past.

Over 80% of visitors to our website www.wherewebelong.co.uk come to us via their smart phone.  What this means is that buyers havent got time to phone up and ask for a brochure, they want information on the property instantly.

Reading a heavily detailed book of agency waffle won't cut it with modern tech savvy buyers. 

They can visit the hotel they want to stay at for a week using video, and immersive virtual reality tours; so why shouldn't they be able to visit the house they are hoping to live in, in the same way?

At Belong, we use the latest 3D Virtual Reality technology to undertake a 3D scan of every house we put up for sale or rent.

Buyers can walk around a house using VR headsets, or simply control the tour using their mobile phone, tablet or PC.

Fore rentals it proves to be a vital tool when compiling inventories; a lasting 3D view of each room that can be used as evidence when a tenant checks out.

Whats more, our solution only takes a few minutes, with each room only taking around 60 seconds to scan; other solutions can take up to 4 hours to do a whole house.

In a nutshell, we create immersive, interesting pre-viewing content including Virtual Reality, that allows people to save time and make informed decisions about which houses they want to view. 

This saves both house hunters and house sellers valuable time and money.