Dave and Pam Clarke

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

We credit James with selling our house. After over a year on the market with a few viewings but no sale, we changed our estate agent and met James. On his advice this brought about two significant changes. Strategically, we changed from selling a house to selling a home and a lifestyle. Secondly, our tactics changed and James became responsible for conducting the viewings without us present.

Arguable, after twenty six years making the house a family home we were reluctant to sell it and this must have been obvious to clients. We spoke too much, were over enthusiastic and most likely got in the way! James on the other hand could remain clinical and objective. From client feedback he was knowledgeable about our home, courteous and polite and a professional estate agent.

We have nothing but praise with how he managed us as well as the sale. We had a number of viewings and an offer within four months and completed our sale and moved within six months. Whilst price and patience maybe the watchwords of house selling, James added professionalism and personality to the mix, all to our complete satisfaction.