Kathy Trout

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Great knowledge and experience and most imnportantly Excellent service,

What I need from an estate agent is in-depth knowledge of the housing market, wisdom and experience. I need to be able to talk in detail at regular intervals with questions about preparing to sell, the best way to position the house on the market and advertising. I need an estate agent who is accessible, not too busy to talk. Particularly for my property which is an isolated small holding with equestrian facilities and land I need the sale to be based upon the lifestyle it offers buyers, rather than just bricks and mortar. All these needs are met by Belong. I have been delighted with James White both as an individual to deal with and the high quality of services he offers. No matter how "stupid or trivial" my questions are, James patiently answers. He has gone out of his way to get the best photos, even helping me move boxes to get the perfect shot. Especially as this property is so isolated, the video he made giving a tour internally and externally. Now, the potential buyers are very well informed and come showing genuine interest. This is extremely important to save me the hassle and waste of time with casual viewers who are not truly interested. James and I have worked very well together to agree a targeted marketing campaign which has been successful. Talking to others who have sold houses, I know I have an exceptional service here and it is very much appreciated. Kathy Trout, New Hey Farm, Marsden.